Always be on time

At half hunter, we are about delivering on time, staying ahead of our time, and being timeless.

Because everything is changing so quickly

No industry in history has ever advanced as instantly as the digital environment. So we produce our work with an understanding that the best, fastest, most intuitive, and visually appealing design is the design that people will always choose.

What we do

Brand Identity, Strategy & Communications
Web, Digital & Social Media
Print Publications & On-Shelf Packaging

We work

at computer desks, but we are not just technicians. We are creative masterminds, researchers, designers, artists, writers and business analysts. We work together out of a bright, open-concept office in the heart of Toronto. Our space is filled with design and fashion magazines, typography bibles, and literary publications.

The people we work with are great

because they are trailblazers in innovation, invention, creativity, and collaboration. They know how to build a powerful connection with their audience. Since we opened our doors this summer, our team has worked with a variety of clients, from restaurant owners and gallery directors, to high-profile lawyers, leaders in health and neuroscience, and motivational speakers.

Going forward,

we intend to evolve into a creative think tank; a place where ideas in strategic design, interface improvement, and interactive branding will have the perfect conditions to flourish into a product that becomes a necessity in people’s lives.

If you’re still wondering what a Half Hunter is, take a look at our work and give us a call. You might be one, too.

What People Are Saying

“Rarely do you see such a combination of raw talent, character and creativity. The team at Half Hunter is a delight to work with – they regularly exceed my highest expectations.”
-David Folk , Co-founder of Next Ltd.
“The Half Hunter team goes way beyond the other firms I have worked with. They deliver measurable results to each of my projects with cutting edge graphic design, digital media and creativity. They are not an ad agency. I consider them as part of my core team to bringing clarity and set goals at the beginning of each project I do.”
-Bob Benia , Chief Strategy Officer at PNTV.
“When I started my own business, there was no way that I would work with any other company for my branding and web presence. I knew that they had the kind of listening skills to convey my message professionally and creatively. I knew that they had the kind of work ethics that would enable integrity and professionalism. I guess it paid off as clients like my web site. One client even told me recently that my web site is the best in my industry!”
-Nathalie Boutet , Lawyer